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      Our commitment is that my products are simply the BEST!

      All of our ingredients are natural and pure. The base of our elixirs is water. The water is distilled by us. Most of our elixirs are harvested during the full moon.

      All the crystals are hand-picked, all the herbs are organic or grown by us.

      Our Process:

      Pure water is used and placed in a glass container. Healing energy is infused into the water

      Healing sound energy is infused into the water via quartz crystal bowls 

      Then energy is infused into a flower and placed into the water.

       Crystals are cleansed and infused with healing energy. Our founder, Anil Gunjal, uses auric and reiki energy to infuse the crystals. They are then placed into the water. 

      The appropriate herbs are placed into the container.

      The container is then placed on the Acturian healing chamber. This is a healing chamber that was channeled by Anil. 

      After a few days the water is filtered and bottled